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How to open a café or a restaurant in Dubai

Cafes and restaurants in Dubai as the best business choice with a high return on investment

A great number of newinstitutions such as restaurants, cafes, andeateries are opened yearly in Dubai. Therefore, here you can find a huge variety of food and drinks from all parts and cultures of the world. Dubai is the city where majority of the most famous in the world cafes and restaurant have their branches, because opening a restaurant here is firstly considered to be prestigious and only afterwards profitable.

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TOP-10 businesses to start in the UAE

The UAE continuous efforts to position itself as a key international trade center have been particularly successful over the past decade. The rapidly developing infrastructure and a gradual transition from oil dependence have created opportunities for the growth of small and medium enterprises across the country.

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How to start a car rental company in the UAE?

The UAE provides all the conditions for extremely pleasant driving namely smooth roads, attractive fuel prices and polite drivers, road order and safety, intuitively clear traffic rules, low parking cost and lack of crime. Those who have recently come to the Emirates and had no time to acquire their own car, usually use a taxi or a rental car. It is considered that the UAE rental car prices are quite affordable, so it is often more reasonable to rent a car than to use taxi driver services.

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New business VS ready one, Dubai

Surely, everyone who is about to organize a business in UAE, wonders whether creating a new company from a scratch is a better choice than reorganizingan existing one.  To deal with this controversial task some business insights have to be uttered and explained.

To start with, one should think about the essential variables for successful business launching. Unsurprisingly, the starting point of any business planning is the determination of its future location and respectively the overall business environment and play rules.  

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