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E-commerce in the UAE

Сonsumers are increasingly moving away from bricks and mortar to online shops. Estimates from an eMarketer report show more and more people are buying from the comfort of their homes, with business-to-consumer e-commerce sales reached $1.5 trillion worldwide in 2014, an increase of 20 percent over previous year.

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Market prospects for Design and Décor business in UAE

Design and Décor business in UAE is tight connected to construction and furnishing sectors of the economy. Every construction project is a potential client of the interior design, furnishing and décor companies. 

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Transport infrastructure of the UAE

The UAE ranked 16th in the World Economic Forum’s Enabling Trade Index 2014 and 1st in terms of availability and quality of transport infrastructure. The roads of UAE were named the best ones thanks to complex infrastructure projects implemented in the country according to the highest international standards.

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Overview of the UAE economy

Enjoying a strategically important geographic location, UAE is a key transport hub connecting the east and the west, thereby making it a key stakeholder in international trade affecting the life of three billion people living in the Far East, Europe and the African region. 

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