How to open a café or a restaurant in Dubai

Cafes and restaurants in Dubai as the best business choice with a high return on investment

A great number of newinstitutions such as restaurants, cafes, andeateries are opened yearly in Dubai. Therefore, here you can find a huge variety of food and drinks from all parts and cultures of the world. Dubai is the city where majority of the most famous in the world cafes and restaurant have their branches, because opening a restaurant here is firstly considered to be prestigious and only afterwards profitable.

Restaurant business in Dubai

About 6 thousand institutions are currently functioning in the UAE. By 2019 this number is expected to increase to 19 thousand. Restaurantbusiness is one of the most popular in the UAE, not only due to the growing demand, but also due to the high return on investment that creates a rather serious competition. Therefore, before opening a new facility in Dubai, a company should conduct a thorough market research, develop the concept and choose strategically right location to sustain the rapidly growing competition, especially in the run-up to Expo 2020.

Every business hasto know its customer, otherwise it will collapse. Even though the restaurant business in Dubai is rapidly growing and appears to be one of the most promising for investment, not knowing simple market rules can nullify all the efforts. Common business mistakes: opening a restaurant with not demanded proposals (for instant, a pizzeria under unknown brand), too trite offers (can not stand the competition), insufficient attention to the restaurant promotion. The restaurant should have a holistic concept, a sustained style of the interior and the menu, as well as an interesting entertainment program. Not less important is to balance between traditional cuisine and innovations in the menu. Unusual dishes attract new visitors, while at the same time simple main courses allow to keep loyal customers. Select the target audience, study the current market demand, think what might be interesting to the guests and follow the given strategy.

Restaurant business trends

Among the restaurant concepts of this year: targeted institutions for business travelers, tourists and locals are going to dominate in Dubai. Their type might be an easily accessible snack bar outside the hotel. It is expected that after the two Food & Restaurant festivals held in February in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, food trucks will become extremely popular. The menu contains quality healthy food, quickly served at a reasonable price. Another trend of this year is eco-friendly, organic products used for preparation of dishes from the menu, as well as the addition of local seasonalfruits and vegetables.

Industry experts predict that this year a healthy diet will be on the top of its popularity. Also, tired of gourmet dishes visitors are going to rejoice clear and simple food. The same applies to the interiors and places’ atmosphere. The European prevailing trend such as open and friendly chef and clients’ relations have spread all over the world, including Dubai.

In 2015, one of the key trends is going to be ethnic food, so it is projected that national and Levantine cuisine will gain popularity in Dubai. So simplicity, naturalness, environmental friendliness and accessibility are supposed to be the major reference points of restaurateurs this year.

Permits and licenses

To open a restaurant or a cafe in Dubai, an entrepreneur will need a local partner, as well as a marketing authorization. Besides the key requirements for business, there are also many nuances about the organization of a restaurant, kitchen equipment layout, ventilation, and other detention rules.

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