Business support in the UAE

This project has grown on the basis of a successful consulting company with 10 years of working experience in the UAE. Knowing and understanding the local market, its founders have realized the lack of such services on a rapidly growing and flexible UAE market. We have created a simple, convenient, high-quality and comprehensive system of work with clients, based on the unique personalized service. Quality of service results from our experience and knowledge, and the guarantee of security strictly abides by international law.

We have involved in the project partners and experts with successful experience in the sector of the real economy and now can offer all their experience and expertise to our customers.

more than 10 years of experience in the UAE market, knowledge of all nuances of doing business in this country

knowledge of all the pitfalls and benefits of the UAE legislative system

coordinated team of experts - the financiers, lawyers, marketers, business analysts

individual approach to each client and complete solutions for all issues

Obvious advantage for you is minimizing of financial and time costs. Certainly, a large amount of work done by one consulting company will cost you much cheaper than paying for individual services to various companies. Also discussing your expectations with the head of project team is much easier, faster and more effective than self-assigning tasks to each individual expert.

Our solutions

As recognized experts on the UAE market, The Business Mart offers comprehensive solutions designed specifically for the needs of the customer. The main ones are:

Full legal and accounting support

Setting and conducting of business accounting system, tax planning, business management contract, representation of clients’ interest in court, opening a bank account.

Marketing solutions

Individual set of actions aimed at increasing sales, diversification of sales channels and effective advertising tools depending on the business specifics and budget.

Management consulting

Statement of management accounting, organizational structure optimization, development of unique business strategies, management of the company market value, as well as solving any personnel issues.

Realtor services

Quick and efficient selection of real estate for different purposes and duration of the lease. Also, office space rent in our own business center, located in a prestigious business district of Dubai, with the most favorable terms.

Our company offers a comprehensive package of services and individual approach to each client that optimizes your costs and covers the full range of tasks required for your company. In addition, supporting your business by our company will save time, eliminate the daily routine work and you will work with the best Russian-speaking specialists in the UAE.

Process outsourcing

If you have a look at the Western practice, about 70% of the companies in the EU and 80% of companies in the USA use the outsourcing services, that means, transmitting of certain tasks and production functions to third parties, to experts in this field. As a rule, there are three groups of processes that are usually outsourced:

Processes that are not crucial, but require high qualifications and expertise. For example - a function of the chief accountant, tax advisor, preparation and submission of annual financial and tax reports.

A process consisting of a large number of repetitive tasks, routine processes. Examples of this category of processes can be payrolls, accounts receivable management, HR management.

Processes that require special knowledge, but not related to the key ones. For example - registration of a legal entity, a work permit, search and selection of staff.

The Business Mart - is the best solution for comprehensive business support. Our numerous years of experience in consulting allow us not just to offer you some business services, but take responsibility for the complete support of your business. The Bussiness Mart - your reliable assistant in business!