Buy ready-made business

The Business Mart arranges the purchase of company on a turnkey basis. We take care of the entire purchase process, starting from the formation of customer needs, searching for suitable company in Dubai or anywhere else in the world. We provide assessment and registration of all necessary documents.

A highly qualified team of professionals

Analysts, marketers, financiers, lawyers, real estate brokers, risk managers, HR specialists are at your disposal. We value our reputation, that is why the whole process of purchase of the company is absolutely transparent and clear.

Potential and profit

Initial assessment of the key factors of the company is free of charge, so it is possible to make the final choice based on real data accounting risks. We take a responsible approach to the selection of companies for sale and do not offer obviously unprofitable business

Security and reliability

A key factor for us is a reliable partner. The deal may seem reasonable, but first it must be secure. All our activities are open to customers, all figures and conditions for you will be completely transparent with our support

Which business are you interested in? Large, medium or small? Will you prefer services, sale of goods, retail, manufacturing? The Business Mart will choose a suitable company of any size and orientation, the only thing that matters is your wish!

Purchase of ready business step-by-step

The first step of our cooperation when you decide to buy business is to send us query in any convenient way: by clicking the appropriate button in this section, by sending an email or simply by contacting a company representative by phone.

We will process your request and provide you several companies for sale, which meet your requirements as soon as possible. Often, at this stage, the customer chooses the enterprise he wants to buy.

At the third stage, we conduct a financial audit, evaluation of the selected object by all key parameters, as well as market research. The result is an expert opinion on the state of the object, its resources, capabilities, risks, finances, etc. In addition, we prepare a report on costing of the company including factors influencing the price. This report excludes the possibility of fraud or inflated prices for ready-made business.

The last step is actually the purchase of the business. We conduct all stages of negotiations with the seller, prepare documents, monitor compliance with the laws of the state and international law, terms of reissuance and ensure correct paperwork. To carry out the transaction we provide you with highly qualified lawyer with extensive experience in the closure of such deals.

Purchase of a ready-made business with The Business Mart is easy, convenient and safe. Our professionalism and experience set us apart. The company guarantees customer data confidentiality. Attention to details and all the client's wishes, as well as availability of additional services create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation. Contact us and your investment will yield profit!