Individual and pooled investments

Investments in real sector of economy are sustainable, profitable and safe comparing to stock exchange, forex and other investments. Property market as well as real sector of the economy, in whole has low investment risks, but profitableness in service sector or in manufacturing is incomparably higher than space letting. Around the world business investments are the profitable input of monetary assets and a way of capital funds accrual.

Tasks, solved by us

We find attractive projects for investment with emphasis on prospective ways for business development

Our experts fill out all required documents for reliability and safety of your investments

We provide express estimation of investment projects and their attractiveness in order to expose all customer benefits

We find co-investors in case of unsufficient investment amount or if you don`t want to put all monetary assets in one project

We assume control of company`s actions on us and act on your behalf if needed, that saves your time and reduces expenditures

Our company works only with competitive enterprises and startups, that minimizes risks and raises earning power

We are offering individual and pooled investments in ready businesses, startups, and interesting developing projects, tailored to your needs and offering highest possible profit on your investment.

Our services

Only our company provides integrated package of services for investments in profitable and prospective projects. Range of our services includes:

Project selection for investment

After exploring your needs and wishes we choose several attractive enterprises, provide snap analysis, adjust details, give utmost information for you to make an informed decision.

Investment company analysis

To help investor understand project investment conditions, we provide fundamental analysis of enterprise, startup, evaluate market prospects and financial indicators of object, prepare full report with detailed description of required investment, taking into account all possible risks.

Strategic planning

We develop business plan and corporate development plan, based on company`s position in competitive environment, development prospects and market conditions. In addition under our management we control implementation of all actions pointed in plan and adjust it according to market conditions.

Investment agreement and realization of investment

We develop detailed investment agreement, under due consideration of all interests of the parties according to jurisdictional law and norms of international law. Our company controls the implementation of agreement terms, in time investments transfer, investment distribution according to developed plan, and clear distribution of income.

Our company has extensive experience of working with investors, and the number of investment projects successfully working with our help, speaks for itself. In addition to the integrated approach, we pay great attention to individual approach and quality of our services. Invest with us - simple, reliable, profitable!