Services for business sellers

Our company provides services in business for sale at the most competitive price in the shortest time. We have created a comfortable, simple and safe business for sale system. Resort to us, you will get a full range of services for selling your enterprise.

What we offer?

Free conduction of a rapid assessment of your business to identify all the benefits for the buyer

The set of actions to increase the attractiveness of your object for buyers

Placing your business on our own and more than 300 partner resources, so your ad will be seen by hundreds of potential buyers.

Search for customers and carry out all stages of the negotiations. You do not longer need to spend time, energy and nerves on the study and the search for buyers, as well as the tiresome period of negotiations. The solution of all problems we take upon ourselves

Provide highly qualified lawyer in the field of the deal closing

Quality of services and confidentiality are our priority, so you can rely on us in all matters of business for sale. We will make sure that our cooperation is productive, enjoyable and comfortable.


Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in different spheres: financiers, marketers, business analysts. Thanks to them we can make not only superficial evaluation of the enterprise, but also conduct a deep market analysis, audit, and, if required, assess the risks and financial prospects of the company. We guarantee full data confidentiality and as result of our activities we provide you with a detailed report on the indicators of your company to justify the cost of the business.

Preparation for sale

Taking into account available data, we work out the action plan to rise attractiveness of the company for potential buyers. We create a business plan and development strategy of the enterprise, prepare detailed media plan for advertizing campaign. If it is required to increase the value of the company we make rebranding of the company or trade mark for better market positioning. Moreover we develop all presentation materials for better perception of all advantages of your business.

Advertising campaign

Thanks to the experience and knowledge, as well as an extensive partner network, we can quickly convey information about the sale of your business to potential buyers: soc. network, targeted articles in business magazines and web resources, as well as through our own database.

Selling the company

We carry out negotiations with potential buyers, to agree on all the details. In case of your abscence in the negotiations, we provide a detailed report on progress steps, fill out all documents and provide lawyer for deal closing.

For most customers, the sale of a business is a completely new procedure, so we've done everything to ensure that all activities are simple, clear and safe. The Business Mart - we`ll profitably sell your business!