About The Business Mart

The Business Mart is a unique spot for buyers and sellers of business in the sector of real economy. It allows buyers, sellers and investors to interact in the most effective, secure and convenient way. Our more than 10 year successful experience has given us a clear idea of challenges that entrepreneurs in the UAE have to face.


Our goal is to achieve the financial results of the deals, which exceed client's expectations. Even though this task seems to be ambitious, we know how to accomplish it.


The deal may look very profitable. However, first of all it should be safe. That’s why we believe, that reliability of the potential partners is the key factor of success.


We know how precious your time is, that’s why we’ve organized our service in the most efficient way, so that the search of the partners can become easy, fast and effective


Our specialists have worked in consulting in the UAE for more than 10 years. Thus, we have experience and excellent understanding of business peculiarities of this region.


All our actions are completely open for clients. All data, dates and terms are absolutely clear for our clients and this helps to escape unpleasant surprises in future.

Full range of services

The Business Mart is the teamwork of experts in different fields. We provide a full range of business services from registration of the company to its exposure on the international level.

The good relations with every our client are the priority for us. We hope that if the circumstances change in future and they need professional help, they will not hesitate to choose The Business Mart. We believe that the reputation always comes ahead of the company, that’s why we do our best to make sure that collaboration with The Business Martwill satisfy you and you will recommend us to your friends and partners.

Our solutions

The Business Mart is not just a spot where sellers meet with buyers: our principal difference is that we suggest the whole complex of business services and accompany our clients at every stage of the deal.

check the legal purity of the transaction and conduct the legal support

provide recommendations for profitable buying/selling of the company

inform about all hidden problems and the ways of solving them

prepare an action plan to improve profitability of the business

assist in the successful negotiations with the sellers/buyers

define the market value of the business and pre-selling preparation

advise on the choosing of ready business in the UAE and around the world

develop an investment strategy and detailed market research

Creating The Business Mart we used all our knowledge, so that our clients could carry out really profitable deals buying or selling ready business having our full support.

Why do we invest in real economy?

Investing in tangible assets of long-term usage guarantees reliable protection of the investors’ financial interests. Besides, production industry has clear business-model, based on basic financial indicators: proceeds and profit. Unlike financial sector, real economy less depends on unstable political and hence economical situation in the world, passes economical downturns and crisis easier and restores faster. Real estate market in general has got comparatively low investment risks, but the profitability of business in the service sector or manufacturing is far higher than that of renting spaces out. 

clear business-processes

low investment risks 

stable and high incomes

predictability of prospects

Only business in the sector of real economy may guarantee you stable and long-term income! The team of The Business Mart knows everything about business in the sector of real economy of the UAE. Contact us and we with pleasure will share our knowledge with you.

Production and export of crude oil and gas still remain the basis and main peculiarity of the UAE’s economy. Power resources hold the third part of the UAE’s GPD. About 8% fall to transportation and communication, same as construction. A few years after the constructional crisis in the UAE in 2009, this sector has started to recover. Trade holds about 15%, and production covers 10%. About 10% falls to real estate and business services, less that 2% falls to tourism. Remaining per cents falls to other sectors of real economy. In the structure of GDP of the UAE 7% falls to financial sector.

According to the classical theory the economy divides into two independent sectors: real and financial. The real sector includes the production of all goods and services. Such industries as transportation, construction, communications, energy, mining, agriculture, trade, education and health care, services sector and others belong to the real sector of economy. The financial sector doesn’t produce any goods, but acts as an agent at the market, redistributing temporarily free financial resources (savings) among the parties of the real sector. Thus, without financial markets investors would be able to put in only their own savings without raising additional capital. That could significantly slow down economical development. The financial sector includes the intire banking sector, as well as the stock exchanges, insurance companies, pension funds, trust companies, leasing companies, pawnshops and other financial and credit institutions.