The advertising and event agency in Dubai


$ 792,350

Rent: AED 50 000 ($ 13 660) yearly

License: AED 25 000($ 6 830) yearly

Revenue: AED 3,478,000 ($ 950,300)

Marginality of the business: 34.5%

Yield on investment: 41.4% per year

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The advertising and event agency in Dubai

The advertising and event agency in Dubai

Rent: AED 50 000 ($ 13 660) yearly

License: AED 25 000($ 6 830) yearly


Business plan development
Due diligence
Development of marketing plan

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The company isinvolved in Graphic Designing, Web Designing and all kinds of Digital Indoor/Outdoor Printing & Signage services. From custom/bespoke “one-of-a-kind” signs, to large-scale sign programs, interior or exterior including highway signage. The company's turnkey approach takes client signage project from initial survey to concept and design through to manufacturing, shipping and a successful installation and implementation. The company has a team of sign professionals, technicians, designers and quality craftsmen who provide total solutions for almost any type of printing & signage project. The company uses outsourced staff for projects execution.

The is registered in almost all Dubai governmental departments so request comes automatically to the company as soon as there are some tenders. The company receives inquiries from the biggest companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Location: main office in Emirates Towers, 2 branches - Downtown and JLT

Annual sponsorship payment: AED 8 000 ($ 2 185)

Staff:  13 employees –all outsourced

Net profit: 1,201,400 ($ 328,300)

Selling price: AED 2,900,000 ($ 792,350) (negotiable)

Buying this business you get:

  • functioning business with a stable income;
  • own web-site;
  • running license;
  • adjusted work process;
  • data base of standing customers;
  • legal support of the deal and guarantee of full safe execution.
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