A well-known Ladies Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi


$ 408,400

Annual revenue: AED 1 748 000 (476 000 USD)

Profitability of activity: 42%

Annual rent: AED 230 000 (62 600 USD)

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A well-known Ladies Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi

A well-known Ladies Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi

Annual revenue: AED 1 748 000 (476 000 USD)

Profitability of activity: 42%

Annual rent:...

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The beauty salon offered for sale, successfully operates on the market since 2012. The beauty salon offers a wide range of services, which includes following: hair, nails cares, spa services, waxing, threading, make up and luxury hair extensions. The company uses only well-known products of world leading quality brands of which they have for over AED 150 000 (40 000 USD) in stock for retail and professional use. Despite of the high quality of services, prices is average on the Abu Dhabi’s beauty market. Highly qualified professional team works in the beauty salon, has many international awards and improves their skills by attending specialized trainings.

It is worth noting that the beauty salon leads an active marketing policy. There is not only quality branded website with an attractive interface, but also accounts in Facebook and Instagram, where the active advertising campaign is carried out. There is a complete and transparent software system (Shortcuts) for handling of all salon activities including but not limited to daily management, client and stock registration, detailed trading reports with remote life access for the owner worldwide.

The beauty salon successfully operates in the Abu-Dhabi beauty industry that is confirmed by its level of profitability – 42%. Purchasing this ready business, you get not only functioning salon, but also excellent development opportunities.  For instance, due to brand recognition of the salon it is possible to create a network of salons: opening branches, including in Dubai.


1. Location of the salon: Abu Dhabi.

2. Size: 1 986 sq. ft.

3. Established: 2012.

4. Annual rent expenses: AED 230 000 (62 600 USD).

5. Annual license renewal: AED 11 000 (3 000 USD).

6. Annual local sponsor payment: AED 8 000 (2 180 USD).

7. Staff: 10 employees. Salary fund per year is AED 629 400 (171 400 USD).

8. Annual revenue: AED 1 748 000 (476 000 USD).

9. Annual net income: AED 725 600 (197 600 USD).

10. Profitability of activity: 42%.

11. Return on investment: 48,4%. This indicator shows the efficiency of capital and means that 48,4% of the investments annually accumulate as annual net profit (the results of the activity).

12. Payback period: 2 years. Due to the effective promotion and management policy of the company under prospects for the market growth payback time can be significantly reduced.

Purchase price: AED 1 500 000 (408 400 USD)

The purchase price of the salon includes:

1) functioning business with a growing income;

2) valid license;

3) equipped salon and products;

4) adjusted work process;

5) fully completed and highly qualified staff;

6) сustomer database;

7) own website;

8) great opportunities to expand the business and increase the profit;

9) legal support of the deal and guarantee of full safe execution.

If you want to invest in the UAE’s beauty industry and from the very first day gain increasing income with high rates of return, then this ready business will help you in realization of your goals.

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